DMR Quickstart  

While listening to the DMR talkgroups, I hear many people that are confused about the need for a codeplug.

Why do we need a codeplug for DMR? Normal radios do not need a codeplug!

A local ham decided to write up an answer that sums it up and I have included it here.

I hope this clears things up!

by Pat, VE3PMK

The "codeplug" is nothing more than a backup / restore file for your radio.

It is region specific. It contains the settings (TX & RX freqs, talk group info, etc) for all the repeaters in a certain geographic area.

These files are not only regional but also radio specific. A file for a CS750 handie is not compatible with a TYT MD380 nor any DMR radio from other manufacturers.

Furthermore, a backup file (the radio's memory settings - aka: "codeplug" in Motorola speak) that works in Edmonton Alberta or Los Angeles California is not going to be of any use to operate a radio in London Ontario or Miami Florida.

If you had a handie with all of the local Montreal ham repeater settings in it (freq, offset, & PL tones) you would not expect it to be of much use in Vancouver nor Las Vegas. DMR is no different.

A codeplug file (aka: repeater database in a manufacturer brand & model specific format) for a Tytera radio in Toronto will be of no use for the owner of any DMR radio (Tytera nor otherwise) who is not in the Toronto area.

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