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Radio Firmware (.bin) Updater for Windows

(Puts new firmware on your radio)

Most Radios will use the
NoGPS.bin firmware found in
the downloaded ZIP file

The patched firmware is known to work on the following devices

The "D"-Version (NoGPS) for radios **without GPS**

  • Tytera/TYT MD380
  • Tytera/TYT MD390
  • Retevis RT3

The "S"-Version (GPS) for radios **with GPS**

  • Tytera/TYT MD380
  • Tytera/TYT MD390
  • Retevis RT8

Both types of vocoder are supported
(old & new vocoder radios)

Firmware Installation using a Windows Computer


You can install the *Experimental Firmware* into your MD380 or MD390 by using one of .bin files found in the ZIP downloaded from this website.

You need to use "Radio Firmware (.bin) Updater for Windows" to flash the new firmware into your radio.

  • Turn off your radio using the volume knob
  • Attach the Tytera USB cable to the SP and MIC ports of your radio (Baofeng cable will NOT work!)
  • Attach the Tytera USB cable to your host computer
  • Push and Hold 2 buttons on the side of the radio, the large PTT and the smaller button above the PTT button (not the button with the "M" on it)
  • While holding the 2 buttons, Power ON your radio using the volume knob
  • Release the buttons on the radio
  • The status LED should be on and alternating between Red & Green, indicating you're in flash upgrade mode

  • Go back and retry the previous steps if you do not see flashing Red & Green on top of your radio
  • The radio will not accept the new firmware unless the LED is flashing RED & GREEN

  • Sample Flash Session (Available in English, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano)

  • Start the "Upgrader.exe" program
  • Click "1: Select the New Firmware" and choose one of the .bin files found in the downloaded zip
  • Click "2: Update the MD380 ~ MD390" and wait for the flash update process to finish. It takes about a minute to complete (VE3PZR: my radio takes 70 seconds to flash)
  • Turn off your radio using the volume knob
  • Disconnect the USB cable from your radio and host computer
  • Turn the radio back on, and you should see the Welcome screen. You're running patched firmware!

Need help using your radio?
Check out the Yahoo TYT-Tytera message board
to ask questions and find answers
    For details about the experimental firmware,
visit the MD380Tools GitHub website
(This website is recycled or derived from the Github)

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