100,000 DMR IDs  

100,000 IDs on your TYT Radio

While browsing the Internet, I noticed a software review on the [MIKLOR] website called TyToolz made easy.

If you are running the [experimental firmware] in your radio, this new software package has the abilty
to store more than the normal limit of 1,000 contacts in the TYT radio.

Although the [Tytera Flash Tool] has the abilty to reach out and download a copy of the DMR database,
I am not sure how frequently their database is updated (seems to be missing a few thousand IDs).

Foxhollow [updates nightly] and creates a version of the file that can be flashed using this tool.

This DMR ID database does not require you to modify your codeplug.
This database is stored in a different location inside your radio

MD380 receiving a transmission


Step 1: Download and unzip [Tytera Flash Tool v1.05] (A copy is stored on foxhollow for your convenience)

Step 2: Download Foxhollow's [nightly DMR userdb database] (formatted for use with tyToolz) and place foxhollow-userdb.bin in the same folder as the Tytera Flash Tool software.

Step 3: Click on "TyteraFlashTool" to start the program

Step 4: Now that you have the software running, Click on the Open1 button and select foxhollow-userdb.bin

Step 5: Once you have loaded userdb, click on the Flash from file2 to write the new DMR ID database to your radio

Step 6: Now that your radio has the userdb loaded, you must tell your radio to use this version of the DMR ID database


Since the radio normally uses the codeplug ID database, you must tell the radio to use this alternate database for DMR ID display

Using the keypad on your radio, select [Menu], [Utilities], [MD380Tools], [Display], [Show Calls], [User DB]


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