Add the 220 Mhz ham-band to
your WLN KD-C1 mini radio

A very simple software modification
to your installed copy of the programming
software will allow you to enter frequencies
in the 220 MHz hand band.

Quick How to:

  • Install the factory software:

  • Copy this new config.ini to:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\KD-C1\config.ini

    HINT: right-click on the link and save-as to your desktop.

    Then copy the new config.ini on top of the existing file otherwise Windows might block the changes.

  • Start the program and enter your frequencies!

  • Do not use the Machine(M) menu to change your info


Although this seems to put out a signal,
very little testing has been done.

I suspect it puts out spurs in the 440MHz band.

I am hoping someone with a "test set" can let
us know about the purity (or lack of it) and
perhaps give some guidance on any hardware
mods to improve the radio.

A simple test on 223.580 with a friend with a
real 220MHz radio proved that the radio
transmits some power. He was able to hear me
but I was not able to hear him. He was about 8KMs away.

A test with another 220 radio that was much closer worked much better. I was able to talk and hear the other person.

A schematic would help. I am guessing that swapping a few capacitors would change the frequency range of the filters and you could pick what bands to support.

Enjoy and be careful!
de ve3pzr.


Some of us have been discussing the radio here:

Last Updated: Aug 8, 2016