CP/M-80 at Foxhollow   

CPM running on a RC2014 - Homebrew Z80 based SBC

Development and Utils

Ascom v2.2
CPM80: communications program - Note that you probably need 2 com ports
  Aztec C v1.06D
CPM80: C compiler, Assembler
  BASIC-80 Rev 5.21
CPM80: Microsoft Basic 1981 (29752 Bytes free)
  BASIC-85 Rev 5.29
CPM80: Microsoft Basic 1985 (29752 Bytes free)

BBC Basic v3.0
CPM80: Basic for the Z80
  Binary to CPM Package v1.1
Windows app by G. Searle
CPM80: Binary compare of 2 files showing differences
Last update: 18 Sept 2017
CPM80: Extract files from Package
Last update: 8 April 2018

Python: Extract files from Package
Last update: 11 April 2018
  RETRO VT220 font
Give your terminal emulator a special look
CPM80: survey.com modified for RC2014
  Turbo Pascal v3.01
CPM80: IDE/Compiler

xmodem v2.7
CPM80: Fast & Reliable transfers between PC & CPM80


Infocom Games
CPM80: HHGTTG & Planetfall
  Zork 1-2-3
CPM80: Classic Text Adventure Games

Office Applications

dBase II v2.43
CPM80 Database from Ashton-Tate 1985
  MS Multiplan v1.05
CPM80 Spreadsheet from 1981, Codename Electronic Paper
  PLAN80 v2.4
CPM80 Financial Modeling, BUSINESS PLANNING SYSTEMS, 1982
  Supercalc v1.12
CPM80 Spreadsheet from SORCIM Corp 1982

Supercalc2 v1.0
CPM80 Spreadsheet from SORCIM Corp 1983
  Wordstar v4.0
CPM80 Word Processor

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