Ham Radio Repeaters of Canada & US  

Ham Radio Repeaters
for your GPS

The purpose of this website is to collect Ham Radio Repeater information for repeaters located in Canada and the US. Each day the information will be combined and made available for public download.

This website will create a GPS import file that contains all of the repeaters in its database. Once loaded into your GPS, you will be able to see the repeaters nearest to you (where ever you might be) without needing to look them up in a book.

Canada=1,918 USA=18,495

Sat Sep 24 05:00:01 AM EDT 2022

The main benefit of a GPS based lookup system is the fact you do not need to know where you are located.

Frequently while driving through a strange area, I have no idea of the names of the surrounding towns which renders my ARRL repeater directory useless. In this instance, the GPS will gladly show you the closest repeaters.

How was the information obtained?

The repeater information on this website came from various sources:
  1. Various ARRL/RAC repeater listings on the Internet
  2. Daily updates from IRLP
  3. Daily updates from Echolink
  4. Daily updates from DStar
  5. Feedback from Hams

GPX Import file for your GPS
This file will add thousands of repeaters to your GPS
  POI LOADER software
Free software from Garmin that will load GPX files onto your GPS
  Canadian Hams
Canadian Ham Callsigns for your GPS

If POI LOADER does not detect your GPS

You might need to change a setting on your GPS:
  1. Disconnect the GPS from the computer
  2. Power ON your GPS and go to the Volume Screen
  3. Press the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER of the GPS screen for 10 seconds
  4. The Developers Screen will pop up
  5. Scroll down to MTP SETTINGS
  6. Change from AUTO DETECT to MASS STORAGE
  7. Power OFF your GPS and connect it to the Computer USB cable
  8. Start the GPS and it should now be recognized by the computer
Try POI LOADER again

Is the information accurate?

  !! Probably not !! 

While browsing through the data, I found multiple duplicate entries, mispellings, wrong numeric information & some newer repeaters were missing.

I have attempted to correct some of this but I do not live in every corner of North America. If something is wrong or missing, provide me some feedback and I'll update the data on this website.

Website by VE3PZR Mark Bramwell, London, Canada. All rights reserved.
All Repeater data on this website is Public and is made available without charge